About Ranger Roo

Ranger Roo is employed by Parks Victoria to ignite younger children’s excitement about, enjoyment of and appreciation for parks, nature and the outdoors.

His message is simple: 'play, laugh, learn and look after my beautiful home'.

Ranger Roo’s friends are generally aged 3 to 6 years old. He loves to share fun park adventures with them – there’s lot’s to see, heaps to do!

Ranger Roo also gives young parents a helping hand. He lets them know which parks are Victoria’s most family-friendly, what to pack and prepare for a day-trip, play ideas for when in the park and why nature play is great for childhood development.

Ranger Roo loves to meet new friends. If you are planning a community family event and wish to invite Ranger Roo along, please contact him here.

For further information about Parks Victoria, please visit www.parks.vic.gov.au.