In the park

If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do, here are some games the whole family can enjoy!


1. Letters in nature
As a group, search for the shapes of letters in natural objects. Try spelling out one of your names, the town you’re in, or your favourite Victorian animal.

2. Finger frame
Hold your arms out straight in front of you and make a square finger frame with your hands. Line up interesting object and focus on them. Talk about what you can see and why it’s important for it to be protected within the park.

3. Shapes in the environment
Give participants a card or a piece of paper with different shapes on it. Ask them to find that shape in the park. The shape might be found in the distance, in the tree tops or in the tiny patterns on fallen leaves.

4. Getting older
Look for six different park objects that you can range from youngest to oldest. Draw or stick each object onto a piece of paper starting with the object you think is the youngest. Does everyone agree with what is oldest?

5. Park textures
Look for objects with interesting textures and take rubbings of them with paper and crayon.

6. Bush band
Find objects in the park you can use to make a range of sounds – try ‘scrape’, ‘squelch’, ‘rustle’, ‘crack’, ‘thud’, ‘rattle’, ‘squeak’ and ‘plop’. Get your group together and play your favourite song!

7. What’s that smell?
Smell some different leaves in the park. Do they smell more if you crush them in your hands? Which do you like the best? Hint: some of the best native smells are from the leaves of tea tree and eucalyptus leaves.

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